Directions to our hotel


Makrinitsa is located on a steep slope of Mount Pelion. This is why it is considered the balcony of Pelion and has the most enchanting view towards Volos and the Pagasitic Gulf. This is also the reason why transportation is difficult.


Cars are not allowed inside the village. As you can see from the image below, the thicker/main roads are the only ones that can accommodate cars. All the others are small, paved roads, accessible only on foot.


From Volos, contact Kiki (+306948062297) to inform her that you are nearby. Enter “Portaria” into your GPS, and when you reach the town hall of Portaria, you will see a sign directing you left towards Makrinitsa. Then, after 3-5 minutes, you will arrive at the community parking area of Makrinitsa (the one circled in red). Please, stay in your car for a moment without getting out or removing your luggage from the car, and contact Kiki again. She will guide you to park in the nearest available parking spot at our hotel (somewhere near the red asterisk in the image), as cars are not allowed deeper into the village.


From your parking spot, which will be near the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (circled in green in the image), you will need to walk about 300 meters (Google says 166 meters, but we believe it’s better to be prepared for more rather than less, as we don’t know how accurate Google Maps’ depiction is).