Whether you stay at the traditional guesthouse Melanthi, or in the surrounding area of the village of Makrinitsa, you can choose to join us in some of the many activities and events we will organize during your stay. Pelion and especially the area of Makrinitsa offer endless activities of all kinds.


For any of the above you are interested in, ask us and we will help you plan whatever you are interested in or we will organize the whole activity for you according to your wishes and possibilities. And remember: You are in Pelion, one of the most beautiful, and most magical mountains in the world.


Become a fan, explore the mountain of centaurs, live the legend of Pelion, live an unforgettable experience.


Horseback  riding


Possibility of horseback riding in the areas of Makrinitsa


In Nature


There are countless trails for mountain walking fans in an area of unspeakable beauty with water running everywhere beside you. We will take care of showing them to you and even accompanying you if there is availability. You can even hike on the mountain on your own.


On the mountain


In winter you can enjoy the ski resort of Chania, the only ski resort in the world where you can ski or drink your coffee while watching 2 different bodies of water, the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea, from the ski slopes, just 13 km from Melanthi. As for swimming in the sea, just 15km from the hotel, beautiful sunsets on unique beaches await you. There is also the possibility for underwater fishing in magnificent seabeds. In spring, admiring the variety of aromas and colours, you can walk on the cobblestones of the village or go to Portaria which is a 20-minute walk away. In summer you can enjoy your baths just 30 minutes from the hotel and come back to rest and enjoy the coolness and the pleasant mountain breeze. In autumn, in a feast of changing colors, you can taste Pelion in all its glory.


Traditional, Steam-powered Pelion Train

Just a few kilometers from Makrinitsa, in Lehonia of Pelion, you can board the well-preserved Pelion train, known as “Moutzouris”, and arrive in Milies after about 45 minutes. Milies is yet another historic village of Pelion. During the journey, you will gaze upon the Pagasitic Gulf and its coastal villages as the train rolls over the old stone-built bridges. The train operates only on weekends from mid-July to the end of September, departing from the Lehonia station at 10:30 in the morning and returning at 5 in the afternoon.